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When you retire, your quality of life is largely dependent on your peace of mind and the standard of your health, security and comfort. To enjoy a long and happy retirement that is free from worry, it is vital that you and your family members know that you are safe and secure at all times and have easy access to top-notch health care facilities as and when you need them.

At Rob Roy Retirement Village, our residents' health and safety is our highest priority. The estate has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to cover these two essential elements to give our retirees peace of mind and the high quality of life that they want and deserve.

24-Hour Security
Feeling mentally and physically safe and secure is essential to anyone's well being. The Rob Roy Retirement Village understands this and works tirelessly to ensure that our residents enjoy a healthy, active and secure lifestyle - free from worry or fear. It's only in a safe environment that we can truly begin to relax and enjoy retired life to the fullest.

The physical safety of the residents is maintained via a dedicated 24-hour security protocol. The Rob Roy is a full gated estate that boasts electric perimeter fencing, access control and patrolling security guards that keep watch over the estate day and night.

Top Quality Care Centre
Most retirees feel that taking care of their health is an overriding concern. We reflected this priority with the establishment of the on-site Care Centre with its modern facilities and highly trained medical staff. The Care Centre has a range of modern rooms that can accommodate either one or two residents. Each room is tastefully finished, comfortably equipped and includes an ensuite bathroom. Different levels of care are available from short or long term convalescent care all the way to 24-hour nursing care.

The sisters at the Care Centre, who are trained in the care of the elderly, are also on hand to offer a host of additional services such as ordering and dispensing medication; administering injections; collecting samples for laboratory tests; dressing of wounds; maintaining and updating patients' records; encouraging and counselling patients and their families; and assessing patients and reporting to doctors.

With access to outstanding care facilities with specially trained health care professionals, residents can rest assured that their health is in good hands.

Assisted Living Services
For residents who require additional care, Roy Roy Retirement Village has a comprehensive assisted living service that can be tailor-made to suit each individual. A dedicated member of staff visits each resident regularly to discuss their needs with them and together determine what assistance they require in terms of exercise, health care, housekeeping, hygiene and nutrition.

As part of our assisted living programme, we also offer housekeeping and laundry services; organising hairdressing and pedicures; arranging meals and tea; an on-site convenience shop for daily basics; night carers and 24-hour nursing.

There is no one size fits all with care requirements. That's why we offer our residents daily or monthly care options to suit their circumstances. We can also provide care services in the comfort of your cottage or apartment on request. Regardless of the level of assistance required, it's a great comfort to our residents to know that such comprehensive care is available should they ever need it.

Peace of Mind
With people progressively living further into their 80s and 90s, retirement can encompass 20 or even 30 years. In reality, it's more of a beginning than an end. It's a dynamic process that does not look the same at the beginning as it does five or ten years in. Therefore, living in a safe and secure environment with easy access to top-notch health care facilities as and when you need them, is paramount to your quality of life and peace of mind.

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