Keeping Physically and Socially Active in Retirement

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Adjusting to retirement inevitably leads to a change in your lifestyle and your priorities. To stay healthy, live independently and enjoy your retirement years, your physical, mental and emotional wellness should be up there with your top priorities. The good news is that it is never too late to reap the benefits of keeping active both physically and socially. With access to the right facilities and opportunities, you can make physical and social activity an enjoyable daily habit that enables you to savour the leisure of your retirement years.

Exercise Your Way
Regular exercise is of enormous benefit for retirees. Not only does it help improve and maintain your fitness, strength and balance, but it may improve your sleep, stimulate your appetite and it may reduce your risk of chronic health issues, dementia and falls.

However, everyone's case is different. Some enter retirement already leading an active lifestyle whilst others have been sedentary and need to begin at a more moderate level. In either circumstance, the key to success is choosing activities that you enjoy.

So what should you be aiming for? It's a good idea to make staying active for at least 150 minutes a week your ultimate goal. Keep the intervals to around 10 minutes per session of moderate activity. For example, undertaking 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day for five days would mean you would accomplish your 150 minutes a week goal. If you are already fit and have a regular exercise routine, then you can continue the excellent work you are doing for your body. More strenuous activity requires less time per week - more in line with 75 minutes. What is essential is to know your level and build up your movement gradually until you reach your goals.

Stay Active with The Rob Roy Lifestyle
To help you stay fit and healthy, Rob Roy Retirement Village offers a wide range of exercise facilities. To make exercise a habit that sticks, it is critical that you enjoy whatever form of activity you choose to undertake.

For a low resistance workout that helps maintain strength and flexibility, try a dip at the indoor heated swimming pool, or hop on a stationary bike or treadmill at the on-site gymnasium. If walking is more to your taste; take a carefree stroll or gentle jog along the walking paths within the safety of the village grounds. For those of you keen on a more social form of exercise, why not challenge friends to a game of bowls on the pristine bowling green? Take advantage of the selection available at the village and find the perfect fit for you and your health.

Make Time to Get Social
It's all well and good to keep your body fighting fit, but it's as important not to underestimate the health benefits of strong social ties. Retirees who no longer have access to the social milieu of the work environment can be vulnerable to social isolation. To counteract this risk, retirees need to work actively at staying social. A strong sense of community and mental activity helps to reduce the onset of depression and anxiety while giving people a sense of purpose and engagement. Meeting with friends and family, playing social games and learning new skills are all linked to enjoying a happier, healthier and longer life.

The Ultimate Village Community
At Rob Roy Retirement Village, we recognise the benefits of staying socially active. That is why we have created a welcoming community that provides an array of social amenities and engagement activities to guarantee our residents live a retirement full of good friends, fantastic fun and quality family time.

Join friends for a game of cards in the Card Room or grab a cue and head to the Snooker Lounge. Experience the glory of the silver screen at the on-site cinema - and invite friends and family to tag along. You can get all your social needs met at the communal Jacobite and Glengyle lounges (which are open to visiting family and friends) or gather for a bit of entertainment and good company at the King James VI Community Centre or the atmospheric MacGregor's pub. Enjoy fine dining and great conversation at the elegant Duke of Montrose dining room or meet loved ones for a comfy chat and cappuccino at the Montrose Coffee Shop. Keeping mentally engaged and stimulated is also critical for health and well-being. With that in mind, the Rob Roy provides a snug library for you to enjoy a selection of enticing books. There are also opportunities to become captivated by a new craft or hobby at the Hobby Workshops. The resident-run Entertainment Committee works diligently to organise an array for excursions, entertainment and events to keep the Rob Roy community buzzing.

With such a range of physical and social avenues open to residents, staying active at Rob Roy Retirement Village is a walk in the park!

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